About Us

About Dilkash Designs

Dilkash Designs is a one stop destination for stunning Rakhi, Jewellery and Accessory designs. It is always a myth that only a leading manufacturers can have eye catching designs.  This site was founded with the intention to sell unique Antique designs from the nook and corner of the Rakhi Market, and make it reachable for our readers. If you are looking to buy Rakhi, Jewellery and accessories online this website is for you.

What do we do?

Every day we post Rakhi, Jewellery and accessories designs that are too good to be missed out for our readers. We give preference to all forms of Rakhi, Jewellery and accessories.  For any kind of customised designs and requirements you can always contact us at [email protected]

Copyright of Pictures

We claim no ownership of any photos posted on this site. Some are taken from the world of internet. It belongs duly to the original owner. We use those pictures just to refer the designs. If you think we have violated any copyright policy, then please drop us an email and we will remove the picture.